Dr. Robert Saltzman, Ph.D.


In a series of ten live-streamed meetings we will discuss the ideas in The Ten Thousand Things and Depending On No-Thing as well as any related topics of interest. The first meeting takes place on Saturday, December 4th at 1 PM New York Time. Each meeting will feature five or six panelists plus Robert. Watchers of the live-streams on Youtube and Facebook will be able to pose questions to the panel by chat.

If you are new to Robert’s work, you may like to read some chapters from his books that are posted free of charge here on this website or read his replies to questions on Facebook.

          The following schedule gives the dates and times of meetings, plus copy and paste Zoom links to be used by panelists. Panelists should log on 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time to check camera, sound, etcetera.

Do not use the links
 unless you are one of the panelists listed in the schedule.

          If you are not a panelist, you can still participate by viewing the live-streams of meetings and posing questions by chat.

The live-streams can be viewed here:


Times are Eastern Standard Time (New York time)

Meeting 1: Saturday December 4th  1 PM Judy Cohen, Elena Ascencio, Steve Williamson, Donna Joywalker, Torben Normark Hansen
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Meeting 2: Saturday December 4th  7 PM Sabine, Gary Goodman, Scott Murray, Tommy Phillips, Kathleen Clark, Paul Cannell
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Meeting 3: Sunday December 5th  1 PM Judy Cohen, Muniandy Ramachandran, Burma Cassidy, Lance Bell, Naina R Ghela, Chidambar Stef
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Meeting 4: Sunday December 5th  7 PM  Elena Ascencio, Razzya Dasram, Jody Radzik, David Matt, Lisa Matt
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Meeting 5: Tuesday December 7th  1 PM  Sterling Doughty, Gary Goodman,  John Troy, Valma Brenton, Carson Boyd
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Meeting 6: Thursday December 9th  1 PM Elena Ascencio, David Matt, Lisa Matt, Mike Block, Lucia Zimmitti, Gary Goodman, John Troy
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Meeting 7: Saturday December 11th  1 PM Sterling Doughty,  John Troy,  Michael Kobler, Jeffrey Scott, Elena Ascencio Ibáñez
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Meeting 8: Saturday December 11th  7 PM Sabine, Michael Markham, Howard Peck, Carson Boyd. Morgan Caraway, Israel Sushman
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Meeting 9: Sunday December 12  1 PM John Troy, Markus Prummer, James Austin, Irene Iscala, Mark Harris, Bárbara Braun
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Meeting 10:  Sunday December 12  7 PM (New York Time)
This meeting is different from the nine previous meetings. There is no panel. The door is open to all who wish to join unless and until things get too crowded to keep admitting people.
If you wish to log on, use this link:

Best wishes to all.

The Ten Thousand Things, sample chapters

Depending On No-Thing, sample chapters