Dr. Robert Saltzman, Ph.D.

The Ten Thousand Things

When I imagine speaking to a person who for the first time opens the pages of this book, I think of telling that person something like this: “You are about to read an authentic and incredibly lucid account of what it is like to live in this world as an awakened being while simultaneously functioning as a personality with all of the usual habits and peculiarities of an individual self.” Robert’s way of describing his understanding of the human existence from the point of view of an awakened personality is a revelation.

His book is a fresh look at the questions that occur to anyone who thinks deeply about these matters, questions about free will, self-determination, destiny, choice, and who are we anyway. I believe this is a “breakthrough book.” Robert’s style of writing about such ephemeral and difficult subjects as awareness and consciousness is honest, concise, and accurate. His ability to describe his experiences of living in a reality quite different from conventional ways of thinking is brilliantly unusual.

On first encountering Robert Saltzman’s work, I am reminded of the same feelings of discovery, delight and excitement that I remember from meeting Alan Watts’ “The Wisdom of Insecurity”, Krishnamurti’s “Freedom from the Known,” and Chögyam Trungpa’s “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism.” His clarity of mind shines brightly through every sentence in this book. His skill at making clear the most difficult ramifications and subtleties of awakened consciousness is so free of conventional cluttered thinking, so free of habitual phrases, so free of the taint of religious dogma and the conventional ways of speaking of such difficult matters, that this book stands out for me as an entirely fresh and illuminated exposition of awakened consciousness: an awakened understanding of what it is to be human.
---Dr. Robert K. Hall

Robert by Pablo Marquez

This is clearly the most profound and transcendental work I have ever encountered. All my so-called "spiritual" beliefs were turned upside down with a careful reading and rereading of this tome. It, for me at least, was truly life-changing.
---Don Wolfe


Robert is a living legend. He is among the last few of his generation who truly lives the awakened life with all the human foibles and yet remains steadfastly grounded in the only reality there is. The aliveness of what is.
---Muniandy Ramachandran

Robert's book is a breath of fresh air and has literally blown away all remaining ideas and beliefs I held about what's true, about what it means to be 'awake'. A readiness to be my own authority, fully, versus following others or hanging onto others' ideas and concepts arose while reading the 2nd chapter. Wow! A readiness to live in a 'not knowing' state. A readiness to be a 'clean slate' in every moment and see for myself 'what is'. This brought about a palpable sense of freedom. Robert's writing is unique on this topic for instead of making himself the authority, as most, he prompts us to be our own authority. Thank you, Robert!
---Lonni Oliver Pounsford


There is no need to praise the content of this book. Even the most casual browser will quickly observe the clarity of the author’s thinking and the elegance with which he describes his experience of living. Yet, despite the simplicity with which he presents himself, Robert Saltzman finds his views repeatedly challenged, and it is the genius of this book that Saltzman has found a way to elaborate on his life through his deeply respectful response to his challengers and his appreciation of those who share his views. It’s the form of the book that enables this: a series of exchanges not unlike the Socratic dialogues of Plato except that here we are not asked to follow the logic of an argument, but rather to observe our own experience in the light of a straightforward description of life. In chapter after chapter, we circle around a plain and unobstructed vision, magnified by chapter headings in the form of Saltzman’s remarkable photographs, which he uses in the place of epigraphs. In this way we are constantly reminded that wisdom lies not in the pithy saying, but rather in looking at the world around us.
---Jack Hirschfeld

The candor, lucidity and lack of jargon in Robert’s writing are deeply refreshing. I also relish his way with words. He knows how to write. He also knows how to take astonishingly fine photographs, and these are featured throughout the book.

It’s been said that this book will become a classic, which is a pretty good achievement for someone who isn’t claiming to be a teacher and has nothing to gain by its sale. (The book sells for the production price.) He is not peddling enlightenment. He is simply sharing how it feels to be free from all the spiritual fantasies that obscure our seamless engagement with this miraculous thing called life, right now.

Most of us are looking for something that “floats our boat.” But the wise know that the boat is always leaking because its very fabric is a loose weave of lies that create the illusion of a solid-state separate entity called “me.” The wise know that the boat has to sink in order for an authentic, awakened engagement with the everyday actuality of our life to flower.

Robert's book is, in my opinion, a rare gem – if what you are after is the bedrock savage wisdom that liberates, entirely. If you're ready for it, this book will sink your boat beautifully.
---Miriam Louisa Simmons

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